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What Are Bio-Identical Hormones?


I keep hearing about “Bio-Identicalhormones. What does Bio-Identical mean? Should I be taking them?


Thank you for your question. Bio-identical is the latest buzz-word in women’s health and simply means that the hormone is the same as the one made by humans. Most of the time the term is applied to estrogen and progesterone but it could be used also for many other hormones.

We used to refer to hormones as natural. In the sense that Premarin® is natural for horses, it fit! But I think because of that confusion many are now using the bio-identical term.

There has to be a good reason to take anything, bio-identical or not. Don’t be swayed by the folks who want you to buy products and take preparations when you don’t need them. Bio-identical is good. But nothing is good when you don’t have a good reason for taking it!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 15:30

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