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This means that a woman has higher levels of men's (or androgenic) hormones (such as testosterone, androstenedione or DHEA or DHEAS) than normal or evidences of the actions of higher men's hormones such as thicker or darker hair growing on the face in a beard pattern (hirsutism), up the middle of the abdomen and around the breasts or acne. Androgen excess is also associated with thinning or loss of head hair in the front and on the top of the head (like a balding man). This is also called androgenetic alopecia.

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Estrogen’s Storm Season: Stories of Perimenopause

Estrogen's Storm Season

by Dr. Jerilynn C Prior

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It is full of lively, realistic stories with which women can relate and evidence-based, empowering perimenopause information. It was a finalist in 2006 for the Independent Publisher Book Award in Health.

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