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Beyond “Estrogen Deficiency”—news from Women’s Health Initiative

When the USA’s National Institutes of Health announced that the Estrogen arm of the Women’s Health Initiative was stopped early, no one could ever say again that estrogen therapy prevents heart disease. Estrogen treatment in women who had undergone hysterectomy was associated with neither benefit nor harm for heart disease and caused a 40% increase in stroke.

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What the Women’s Health Initiative Results Mean for Breast Cancer Survivors

In July 2002 a large, randomized control trial called the Women’s Health Initiative was stopped three years early with the conclusion that Estrogen plus Progestin (E+P) is, on balance, not an effective preventative medication for healthy menopausal women. The results of this trial have surprised both doctors and the general public, because they have shown that E+P does not prevent heart disease and causes breast cancer (1). We believe there are several changes in concepts about menopausal hormone therapy that are important for breast cancer survivors.

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